HXflatbox – horizontal WWHR for shower

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The HXflatbox is a horizontal WWHR (Waste Water Heat Recovery) unit that is intended to be placed under a bath tub used for showering. It can be easily retrofitted in an existing bathroom, but note that it is too large to fit under a normal sized shower cabinet floor.
Another installation option is to integrate it in the floor or in the roof of the floor under the  bathroom.


  • Horizontal WWHR for retrofit
  • Can be installed under a bath tub.
  • High efficiency: 46.4% at 9.2 l/min (9.0kW)
  • Pressure drop: 26kPa at 9.2l/min.
  • Third party tested, certified performance
  • Drain connections: 50mm
  • Cold water connections: 1/2″
  • Maximum flow rate: 20l/min
  • Double walled, full copper heat-exchanger
  • Outer shell: ABS, dark grey
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 1200*380*65m

KIWA performance certificate
Technical drawing
Installation manual (Dutch)