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HXmultidrain – Shower drain with integrated heat exchanger for multiple shower.

The HXmultidrain is a floordrain with integrated heat exchanger that can be used in installations where multiple showers (4-8) are in the same room, for example swimming hall, sports hall, schools etc. It can handle up to 60 l/min at both drain and cold water side. The efficiency is around 40-45% depending on the flow.

– Efficiency: 42.3% at 15 l/min (13.3kW)
– Max. capacity: 60 l/min
– Pressure drop 0.16 bar at 25 l/min.
– Easy to clean
– Double wall between drain water and cold water
– Third party tested
– Drain connection: 75mm
– Cold water connections: 3/4″
– Installation height: ca. 600mm
– Diameter: ca. 315mm
– Weight: ca. 23kg

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