Installation kit for VXpipe 1700mm and VXpipe 2100mm

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This new kit reduces the required installation height for all VXpipe versions by ca. 10cm. This is possible by introducing a ‘turbo-rotator’ which is placed on top of the VXpipe, rather than the T-piece and the 2 pieces 45 degrees elbows that are used in the original kit.


  • 1x TURBO rotator – ABS, 50mm for connection to shower drain
  • 2x mounting brackets with screws
  • 1x 50mm cap
  • 1x 50mm coupling insert with O-ring

This kit does not contain the parts to connect the potable water supply (1/2″ fittings, combined shut-off/check valve).

What is the height required for installation?
This depends a bit on how the drain connections are implemented in the installation. As an example (see pictures), assuming horizontal drain connection both on the top and the bottom, the overall height of the VXpipe 1700mm with this kit amounts to 192cm. Ideally, one would have another 10-20cm to allow access to the top of VXpipe by removing the cap on the top of the rotator.