VXpipe 1700mm – Vertical WWHR for shower

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VXpipe 1700mm – Vertical Waste Water Heat Recovery (WWHR) unit for shower.

This is a new version of our popular VXpipe. Featuring an efficiency which is only marginally lower than the standard VXpipe, it allows installation in rooms/basements with a height down to 2000mmm instead of 2300mm.

– Vertical, pipe-in-pipe design
– High efficiency: 60.0% at 9.2 l/min
– No maintenance required
– Double walled design
– Innovative design with PVC outer tube minimizes use of copper
– Third party tested
– Proven product: many units sold in the Netherlands
– Height: ca. 1700mm; diameter: ca. 80mm
– Height required for installation: ca. 2000mm
– Installation kit (sold separately) simplifies installation
– Drain connections: 50mm
– Cold water connections: 1/2″

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VXpipe 1700mm installasjonsmanual (Norsk)
VXpipe 1700mm installation manual (English)
VXpipe 1700mm test certificate